Saturday, March 15, 2014

2014: 11 of 52 Boys

Huxley! ~ You scored your first goal with your new indoor soccer team! Hoorah! I was even there to see it! You got High Fives from your team mates as you lightly jogged back down the field and the smile on your face showed such satisfaction and accomplishment. That will be burned in my memory forever. ~ You couldn’t stand seeing the can of pineapple chunks in the front of the pantry, so you took it upon yourself to rearrange the three shelves of food. ~ “Did you know, when I’m older, I’m going to be President? But not of Tokyo.” You informed Dashiell matter-of-factly, as if you saw a glimpse into the future. Let me just say, you’d be an awesome, relaxed and very fair President. ~ Your last ski lesson at Notchview, your group was the last to return for the afternoon and you nearly missed out on the potluck! But what an amazing few hours you had, managing the hills, staying warm, always moving! (And you took to skate skiing like a duck to water.

Dashiell! ~ You scored two goals in your soccer game that Cameron and Bekka were watching! Cameron had requested you score three goals, but dang if two isn't really impressive anyway! ~ Cameron gifted you with his remaining Five Inch Guys and accompanying siege tower, prison, etc. Many battles have since been fought! ~ Your last ski lesson at Notchview, you’ve really taken to skate skiing and looks like you’ll be doing that exclusively next winter. ~ We all took a day off (work and school) to go into Boston for the day. A squished trip in the truck with (Timber!) too plenty of Top 40 music. We went to the New England Aquarium and over to the North End for pastries and lunch (you tried an amazing salad with feta and cold cuts. ~ Maple breakfast on Saturday, you went back for seconds and then thirds for those breakfast sausages!

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