Thursday, March 27, 2014

So thankful for...

1. The forest. The return of the forest from Old Man Winter. The last of the ice is receding and the greenery is pushing forth.
2. Listening to the tufted titmouse couple singing back and forth to one another. They might have been protecting their nest from me. I might have been oblivious as I watched them for a good five minutes, then stopped stalking them.
3. Hearing the loudest woodpecker ever, it sounded like it was dinosaur sized! But as it swooped from one tree to another, I found the type of tree (and how hollow it is) can create a visual impression of a collosal bird, when in fact it's just a regular sized woodpecker.
4. Sitting in the sun, on a bench, alone. Quietly a smile crept over my close-eyed face.
5. Making two dozen chocolate and yellow cupcakes for a birthday celebration.

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