Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Glimpse January 15 2014

A glimpse into today:

At home: Michael is staying home with Dashiell, who had a fever last night and was talking in a delirious fashion around midnight: "I'm not going to play with money. No, because I might get hurt." So, having some sort of strange dream!

At work: A lovely mild winter day. Maybe an afternoon bike ride at lunch time with a thermos of tea and a bit of chocolate.

Wishing for: My new 50mm lens to arrive! I want to start playing with that the light today would be wonderful to try it out... Patience... And SNOW so we can cross country ski, already!

Reading: The Two Towers, The Name of This Book is Secret, The Explosive Child, Your Money or Your Life.

Listening to: The Bryan Ferry Orchestra's Cocktail Party Music cd, James Blake cd, KEXP at work, (But I dreamed about a Playskool record player last night that I almost acquired!)

Making: Delicious chili (the secret's in the adobo sauce and sprinkling of roasted corn), strawberry and oat scones, hot chocolate sweetened with a few pitted dates (so creamy and thick).

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