Tuesday, January 21, 2014

2014: 3 of 52 Boys

Dashiell! ~ Really? Rooting for the 49er's when you could be rooting for the Seattle Seahawks to make it to their first ever Super Bowl?! Child, we need to have a talk.< ~ "It's an outrage!" is now your catch phrase. When you discovered the orange cheddar had a whisp of white cheddar on your nachos, what we thought would be one seriously upset kid, turned into a moment that had us all laughing. Your comic timing is really coming into its own. ~ A friend showed you how the 'record' function works on the keyboard and your interest is piqued! ~ Halloween idea: Harpo. Need: curly blond wig, trenchcoat with belt - we already have the horn. You need to keep working on your comic miming abilities. We'll get there!

Huxley! ~ Halloween costume idea: Groucho for Huxley! Must keep my eyes open for: suit/trench coat, toy cigar, glasses, other Marx Brothers paraphernalia. ~ We made playdough together, so glad you thought of it, out of the blue! After all that hard work stirring, you had the vision to re-create the Lilliputian beach scene from Gulliver's Travels with your five inch guy, plastic animals (and dinos), using dental floss in place of rope, to hold down Gulliver. Brilliant! ~ Lack of snow, sent us far into the Berkshires to cross country ski at Canterbury Farm in Becket. And MAN did you just take off like a crazed snow otter zipping hither and thither, not caring at all about how darned cold it was. ~ Another trip to the pediatrician, when you twisted your knee cross country skiing. (Luckily you stopped limping after only a couple of days and the pain didn't last long!)

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