Sunday, January 12, 2014

2014: 2 of 52 Boys

~ Yeah, you've been having to do more chores to make up for lost privileges. Mostly it's cleaning dishes. But I have learned that you hate sweeping and thought it was fun to clean the toilet.
~ You started a Wednesday afternoon soccer clinic that you really enjoy.
~ Turns out your night of fever and chills must have been related to your Strep Throat. I took you in to the pediatrician only after Huxley was diagnosed with it. At least it didn't turn into Scarlet Fever this time!

~ You slipped in the melting ice field in front of your school. Despite being drenched you happily accompanied your friend for a playdate.
~ We gave Carcasonne a try. The last of the Christmas presents to be tried out. It was fun, but we didn't get to finish it as we slowly cracked open the rules.
~ You remembered not to slam the door when you were frustrated with something. Yeah!

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