Saturday, January 11, 2014

2014: 1 of 52 Boys

~ On the first Friday of the New Year (and a snow day from school) you gladly helped Daddy with his Friday morning chores: helping take trash and recycling to the dump and shoveling more snow. Of course that was after our snowstorm chocolate chip pancakes.
~ You brought home an amazing selection of books from your school library on Ancient Egyptians and Ancient Civilizations. Huxley can't keep his nose out of the latter!
~ Homemade sushi for dinner? You pretty much demanded it, having never had my homemade sushi before. And despite my protests, it wasn't as difficult as I remembered. Not only that, with your first bite, you were smitten by it. Note to self: avocado roll goes down much better for you than carrot!
~ Our family is now in full swing of trying to help you ease out of your quick temper. It's not easy for anybody, but we're all determined to work together to make our home as peaceful as possible. We can do it: two steps forward, but we also have to remember that can also mean the occasional one step backwards.

~ You scored your first soccer goal since you started playing and the smile on your face spoke volumes on your skyrocketing happiness!
~ It has been a struggle to get you to read chapter books at your level. I started reading Harry Potter books to you and Dashiell back in October and I got through two of them. But this week, you chose the third Harry Potter book to read by yourself at school and I couldn't have been more proud of you! You also checked the book out so we could continue our 'out loud' reading together.
~ Photomontage! You made Jess a photomontage birthday card: a dinosaur eating a guy's head. And a cyclops for your own notebook. Such focus!
~ And you were the first person out there to shovel snow during our last snow storm. What a helper!

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