Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Not unlike our house remodeling project(s) at home, our local bike path is getting some work done and it's going to take some time. But thank goodness that the construction is being done in 'bits' - although during peak biking season - so there's only one small piece to detour around at a time before the work crew moves on to the next section.

Taken in August in 2012 and, you know, on a different part of the bike trail. But the SAME bike trail.
 The last two weeks it was section #1 and a short ride on the main road (yikes!) and a bit of riding through windy fields. Manageable, definitely manageable even when it was rain was splattering down on me. I was even surprised that the dreaded bit of road crossing I had to deal with, I ended up hitting at the perfect moment (and the bike gods were smiling on me, pleased that I hadn't let the detour derail me from my weekly bike plan).

This week it's section #2. Let's talk groundhogs. Goddamn those critters are cute. And slow. As I rounded a corner, at the top of a small hill, I surprised my little groundhog friend. (I say 'surprised', because s/he turned around and waddled back into the tall grass. But those little lads (lassies) always act so mellow, never in a hurry, I don't think anything could really surprise them). As s/he headed back to safety, I could see her/him rolling her/his eyes at having interrupted her/his morning breakfast chomp.

Further along, I biked past some farm work crews picking produce. They looked up, I waved and said 'Good morning' and they all smiled and said it back.

I'm hoping on the way back I'll come across some freshly picked blueberries for sale at the side of the road.  Good gravy, what a pleasant detour!

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