Wednesday, August 7, 2013

August 2013 Playlist & Summer Songs

A recent discussion on the infamous 'song of summer' concept made me put on my thinking cap and observational goggles. Media outlets demand a 'summer song' for each year and they seek it out early in the season. But perhaps there should be a summer song for each stage of summer.

June's playlist was rife with louder, dancey songs 'Woo hoo, it's summer!!! Propel yourself on the rope swing and into the pond in those cut-offs, it's officially summer and it's time to live it up!" I would go with the Bruno Mars song or Icono Pop. Daft Punk was all over the place. (But then, if you have the financial backing of those large music companies, your music will get out there, plus they are all mysterious in those helmets aren't they? They were even in a Vogue photoshoot, it was ridiculous, but very shiny.) June has the taste of mainstream music to me.

July was a complete wash for playlists. Mostly it was about favorites, old time music and revisiting playlists from earlier in the year while we sanded, painted and generally broke down each night, while we worked on our slightly run-down Victorian house. I had a serious hankering for Tom Jones and Elton John, like a pregnant lady seeks out pickles, I needed to hear the classics. Something comforting and familiar.

August is more of a mellow mix, the comforting stage of summer. Yeah, June was fun, July was busy and now? Well, now it's August and it's time to sit back and just enjoy the perfectness that's all around. I have to say, I'm very partial to the new Beck song and Jagwar Ma. Just sit back, hum along and fall asleep in the sun kind of songs.

Technically there's still September to enjoy, but working in academe, we all know that's going to be about returning students and constant interruptions. Hardly conducive to finding new music. I'll see what I can do.

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