Saturday, August 3, 2013

Commuting bike reviews

More investigating, more information, still trying to just keep it straight and not feel too overwhelmed.

A few more articles I found at Momentum Mag, an online biking magazine. Looks very stylish and 'cool'.

What to look for in an upright bike.
Getting used to upright bikes.
A review of 15 upright bikes. Not necessarily geared (oh, ho ho) towards commuters, but a little more information to help understand the playing field also helped. I wish these had been put in order of price, or that the price had been listed on the main page. Frankly, most of these are nowhere near what I can put towards a new bike.

All reviewed in October 2012 and the prices reflect that (in USD).
Biria Citibike 700C  $500 The green is to-die-for. But may be too heavy for the uphills on my ride.
Bobbin Birdie 3 Speed $650 A 3 speed isn't going to cut it for my commute.
Cooper Oporto $1,700 Yeah, when there's a comma in the price, this one gets crossed off.
Electra Ticino 7D $650
Felt Verza Regency $700 Beautiful, but sounds too heavy, insufficient brakes for what I need, not enough speeds.
Gazelle Tour Populair T8 $1,400 Lovely design, waaay to pricey for these pockets.
Globe Daily 3 $830 Gorgeous, but still a little rich for me.
Handsome Devil Complete $1,200 We've been over the cost issue. I don't like the style. So, doesn't matter.
Norco City Glide 8 $890 An 8 speed bike, blue is so pretty in the Womens frame.
Novara Gotham 2012 $1,300 Another gorgeous bike, removed from my choices by price.
Opus Zermatt $665 Really pretty and convenient features.
Public C7 $600 Doesn't come with a rear rack... tsk tsk. Bright colors make Public's bikes into candy.
Sillgey Belle $750 + shipping But being a 3 speed, it's off my list.
Viva Juliett Classic $1,300 Holy cow, this looks like it jumped out of the Belle Epoque!

And so the quest continues. Of all of these I'm thinking the Opus Zermatt looks like the best choice. But there's nowhere around here to try one out. My search continues!

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