Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Snowshoeing on the first day of spring

For the first time in over two years (at the very least), I'm snowshoeing again.

The first and last time this season to wear those mammoth winter slippers, after we welcomed another six inches of snow yesterday. (I feel so foolish assuming each snow storm will be the final one of the season. I wonder if I'll be right this time?) I'm so glad I hadn't cleaned out the back of my van - so glad i put the snowshoes there in the first place, in February.

 Welcome first day of spring. Mother of Nature, it is always a refreshing surprise to remember we can expect anything from you. All this new snow, what a fond, final farewell to winter - out with a bang! 

Those bright sprigs of greenery will punch through that rapidly melting snow in no time and WHIZ! KERPOW! spring will be racing through the land again!

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