Sunday, March 31, 2013

Birthday weekend 7 & 9

Yeah, it's Easter, but it's also birthday weekend for my boys. Each is 'Boss' on his respective day.

'New' bikes were distributed, so each kid got the next size up from his older brother and we ride out to Herrell's Ice Cream for Dashiell to get his free birthday medium sundae. And we continued on for a very pleasant picnic/soccer play at a local park.  Lego presents were opened and assembled. Friends came over and baseball was practiced. Mint frosted chocolate cake was made and eaten while we watched some vintage (new to us) Three Stooges. So damned funny, those guys!

This morning it's an outing to Look Park, per Huxley's orders. But first we had a waffle bar: sliced strawberries, nutella, pear, maple syrup and whipped cream of course! (BURP!) We even made 'sandwiches' of sliced strawberries, a shmear of nutella and a dollop of cream.

With the warm temperatures finally sticking around it's a perfect spring weekend in New England.

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