Saturday, March 16, 2013

Commuting bike : the investigation begins!

I started by looking at a few bike sights I like, seeking out bike reviews:
Let's Go Ride a Bike: More about style and lifestyle with a bike with a smattering of reviews. Lovely pictures.
Lovely Bicycle: Very gear oriented with language that is above my head, but sometimes very straightforward and I feel like I'm having a one-on-one conversation. But, as I spend more time with it, I am beginning to understand it better. More reviews. Never condescending.

I started here to find out what exactly I should be considering for a commute/transportation bike.

I also looked up bike forum discussions:
Public C7 vs Linus Dutchie 8
Giant Cypress 
I've found that even when the topic is about bikes WELL out of your price range, you can learn an awful lot about other options you might not have otherwise considered. And there's always someone who mentions another make of bike that you can then look up as well. (Of course, that's the way of the internet, there's always a link that will go on forever and ever.)

More soon!

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