Wednesday, October 3, 2012

biking home

from 40% chance of rain the night before, to 85% chance the day of. with chance of thunderstorms.

i left when there was a break in the precipitation, but it didn't last. 

had a talk with the cashier (who was sporting an amazing moustache, i wish i could grow a moustache)  at whole foods (had to get olive oil) who asked me about my bike (fyi, i have NO idea what kind it is and proudly announce that i got it for free when it was left behind with a ton of non-essential college student stuff at hampshire five years ago).  he told me he's intimidated to ride in the rain cause it gets slippery and dangerous.  well, i said, i'm kind of scared too, but here i go!  if i fall, i fall, but i have to get home and make dinner.

i only passed one other biker on the way home.  it was marvelous.  listened to some old tunes that i rediscovered, my ipod in a pocket ziploc bag.

note to self: purchase and install fenders for bike.

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