Sunday, October 7, 2012

family sunday

What a beautiful day it turned out to be.  The sun shining through the trees (sometimes), mushrooms galore, my husband in his grandfather's fedora.  You have to be stylish when you're exploring Bear Swamp for the first time!

The Ashfield Fall Festival was blueberry cobbler, running into Luna the Librarian, finishing the pulled pork sandwich, excavating a half dozen records from the tag sale (Tom Jones, Elvis, a Christmas album and Herb Albert - what a looker)!

Now we're home celebrating the boys' half birthdays with a collaborative chocolate pud and scrumptious fish tacos.  Uno's on the table - I won, but they keep playing despite the dessert being served up and on the table.  Oh, the game has been forfeited in favor of half-birthday-chocolate-pud.  Better go before someone eats my share!

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