Tuesday, October 2, 2012

mission accomplished october 1, 2012

this past month (cause it's been awhile):
  • oven roasted anaheim and poblano peppers.
  • successfully stuffed poblano peppers with tomato, corn, cheese mixture - alas, the end of tomato and corn season!  i can't make these again until next year.
  • froze basil in olive oil & herb mixture in olive oil to start out soups or pasta dishes over the chilly seasons ahead.
  • made a rather large square pillow for the kids' room.
  • successfully installed a 20" zipper into the aforementioned rather large square pillow.
  • made lotion via sonoma garden's recipes & i really love the beeswax lotion (i hadn't made that one before).
  • been biking to work on fridays - this week it was tuesday - and having a marvelous time.  can't believe i didn't think of this until now.  moron.
  • entered a local photo contest.  not so proud of the finished images.  but very proud of following through with a promise to myself & of seeing through a vision to the end product.  high 5!
  • patched some kid trousers that will see, maybe, one more season of use.
  • made, ate and froze tomatillo sauce.
  • read 'Wild' by Cheryl Strayed.  i'd like to move to the pacific coast trail.  i'm now in a reading rut, nothing could be as satisfying as her book to me right now. come on library, i dare you to find me a book that could hook me like that so soon.  (please, i hate finishing books that are that good because it means no other books can live up to those standards of honesty and connection.)
  • came up with some more photography ideas.  maybe a portable light studio for taking pics of things on the trail.
  • performed cpr on my little canon camera by giving it a good whack!  phew.  i nearly lost it.
  • leisurely weekend trips to the library
  • kids helping with meals, creating their own recipes, we all bounce along in the same space, in our own space.  
  • finally re-connected to American Routes - and this last weekend was a very strong show.  in fact, it was perfect for cooking alongside the kids, as we bobbed and weaved around one another, dancing along to the mighty fine tunes.

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