Friday, July 27, 2012

basement attack!

Now I bring the ‘Storage Locker Ethos’ back to my basement.  Go through it quickly, 1 box for thrift store, 1 bag of paper recycling, 1 big garbage can, 1 box for stuff to keep.  Once those get full, start using the boxes you’ve already cleared out.

We have a LOT of crap, some of which has been:   
  • hit by mold
  • lived in by mice
  • certainly home to some large and nasty house centipedes (that’s what we call them)
  • and the rest of it is perfectly good stuff that we need to rid our home of.  Of which we need to rid our home.  (That’s better.)

We started this past weekend, and:
  • Huxley even swept, organized hardware and found some old records he hadn’t listened to in quite some time.   
  • (Meanwhile Dashiell was quite content to have some quiet, alone Lego time upstairs.)   
  • Michael fixed a cabinet door, gluing it back together and re-attaching it in the living room.   
  • I (learned how to) rewire my bedside lamp, a victim of our rabbit’s chewing skills.   
  • I swept and vacuumed out the cobwebs and dust in the rafters, around the water heater, etc. making it easier for me to get to boxes without being wrapped up in dusty old spider silk.

Sewing update:  Now I have a pile of old pillows to wash and sew new pillow covers for.  For which I shall sew new pillow covers.  Ah, the quick and easy pillow cover.  A neatly stacked pile (I wish it was neat, the basket is an overflowing jumble of mess) of clothes that need the pocket sewn back on, holes closed, etc.  August is going to be about fixing all of those holes and tears.  I started the job in June and got some taken care of, July has been a wash due to vacation and assimilating back to work (boo!), but August should allow me more freedom to take care of this little chore.

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