Thursday, July 26, 2012


While visiting family in Seattle I helped my mum nearly empty out one of two storage lockers they’ve had for too long.  The 2 day project started out very easily – the first few boxes were books that had been affected by a flood that had happened years ago.  Black mold had settled in and we were able to recycle about 3 boxes instantly. 

I find instant gratification a great way to start an otherwise insurmountable project!

Next were my boxes: collections of my childhood and I now had a responsibility to go through and sift the memories (and sticker collections).  I gave myself one bag’s worth of items to bring home.  Then I found a box full of old, dusty, well-loved 45’s and I had to adjust my expectations.  I filled the bag AND brought home the records. 

More importantly, I helped Mum release not only a financial burden of paying for a storage locker of items that haven’t seen the light of day in over a decade, but to release her of the burden of stuff. 

After her cancer diagnosis and recovery, she’s beginning to have the energy to finally rid her physical life of what isn’t necessary.  But because she still has physical limitations, she needed an able-bodied person there to lift, carry and move boxes.  One week after my family left, my courageous brother finished up the project, went through his stuff (donated his boxes of Lego to an enthusiast friend and presumably held onto those 2 boxes of baseball cards), made a trip or 2 to the dump and thrift store to donate unwanted, but still usable items.  One storage locker is now officially not our problem.  The second space remains, but with half down, the next half is manageable.

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