Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Many t-shirts with itsy, bitsy holes that need to be sewn shut (a stitch in nine, and all that).  A bag that needs it's hem sewn shut and reinforced.  That cute floral yellow romper with the split seam - in a not-so-demure location!  The seam on a maxi skirt that makes the slit go on and on too far!

Pairs of laddy trousers and short on the knee side and the bum side that need to be patched.
Love the monster knee and I know that would be a hit.

I'm going to use One Pearl Button's transformed tutorials for ideas to use up some clothes that aren't quite my style.
Silk Shirt Refashion
Twenty Minute Skirt

I have a lovely navy with white polka dots button-up dress that I'd like to change up.  And some 80's looking long prairie skirts with nice fabric, but the style is all wrong for me.

A lovely brown floral Benetton linen dress I bought 2 years ago from the Goodwill was a little too low on the chest, so I need to pull those seams together and sew that inch up.

So many pastel long sleeved shirts that fit in all but the bodice.  I need to trim them to be more fitted.

Maybe think ahead to some use of the warmer clothes in the pile too: butt warmer over leggings, legwarmers, quick wool hat or mittens...  One cannot limit oneself to one season, can one?

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