Thursday, June 7, 2012

june 6 bike ride

Feeling overwhelmed by the multitude of options each day and night.  I can't make up my mind on what kind of cracker to buy; when to take my lunch; how to proceed with a dinner menu for the week.

In fact, perhaps it's more feeling scattered.  I'm at a point in summer mode where work is so, so dull, aside from my jubilant bike rides that make me feel free!  free!  free!

I can goof off indeed I do, but how many hours a day or week can be spent pintersting before 'diminishing returns' hits?  I've found it and it exists.

Now I want to re-paint my bedroom, make self-printed pillows and a linen tank top for myself, rather than look at image after image of my ideal pinterested life.  I want to plunge into creating my ideal life, proverbial warts and all.  With failure, with love, with appreciation and laughter.  With music and silence.  Naps and rising with the summer sun.

So my days are filled with data entry, but with the earned break of an hour's worth of a bike ride into nature (where both a bunny and a snake attempted to unseat me as I rode).  I'm refreshed from the break.  Ideas come to me.  I write them down.  I think of ways to make them happen.  I make simple lists.  Sewing goals for summer.  Home improvement goals for summer.  Family fun goals for summer.  My husband and I go over our goals and lists and work on ways to make at least some of these things happen.

Cutting down on scattered as best I can.  Focus.  Just like getting a camera lens to pick up what you want it to for the shot you want.

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