Monday, June 4, 2012

No new clothes: June challenge

When I say 'No new clothes', I mean no clothes that are new to me. 

Besides the black leggings I bought last month, I haven't bought new vestiments in months.  I see no need to pay a full price (including the full environmental price) for items when there is plenty to be had at a variety of second hand stores in the area.

Remove self from soapbox, and continue...  I have recently uncovered a large pile of summer clothes that needs repairing, from a small hole to be sewn closed to a split seam on a very sweet vintage romper to some hemming that needs to be updated.  Gonna do some fixin' this June and make that pile of 'to do' disappear.

It's already June 4 and I haven't bought anything, so how difficult can another 26 days be?  Not very, I'll just avoid my usual hospice shop vice (I'll spend a good $20 on average a month there) at lunchtime and go on a bike ride instead.  Yeah for the outdoors to salvage a wayward shopper from yet another summer skirt purchase!

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