Sunday, November 6, 2011

lessons from the storm

Hunger takes on a new face when there's no electricity to be had.  That our gas stovetop warmed food up for us felt like such a blessing and even a small portion (we didn't know how much food we'd have to conserve, how long before the grocery stores would be stocked again, etc.) were welcomed and fully enjoyed. 

When the sun disappears and the radiators don't spark on, the cold begins to creep into your bones.  You're not thinking about how you should conserve candle power, but rather, how you'll stay warm through the night.  Going to bed early, meant we didn't get the second wave of hunger that comes from being up late watching a movie (which has its own food hankerings associated with it).  Even if our bellies weren't totally satisfied with the amount of food eaten at dinner, it didn't matter.  Staying warm and cozy in bed trumped a rumbling belly that could wait until morning when the space within the house, but outside of bed, started to slowly warm up from the autumn sun.

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