Monday, November 7, 2011

creating change in 30 days: november 2011

This November, my personal change will be to write every day.

This can be blog writing, letter writing to my grandmother, getting the Christmas cards out by the end of the month, writing in my journal. And I'm going to try out an iPad at our local Apple store. We don't have a home computer, I use my hubby's work laptop and availability is spotty since, you know, he does work on it. Having some technology in the house would be a helpful step in keeping up with this 30 day change.

I'll keep up with my October change, spending $125 a week on groceries (a much more realistic goal that $100 a week) and no longer biting my fingernails), those are habits I plan on keeping. These are all habits I plan on keeping. A list of goals is a first step to figuring out what you want. But if you don't have the mechanism for yourself to achieve that goal, then the list won't do anyone much good. I want to make my list good!

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