Wednesday, November 9, 2011

small steps

I get lost. When there are too many noises, too many choices, too much around me I feel totally lost and unable to pull my focus down to one thing that I can do or take on. I imagine it's the same for my children too.

Now that my children have regular homework, I’ve been giving them a clean and quiet space. No music is the rule, a light snack before to avoid the grumpies. In little ways I think I’m clearing out some of the clutter that tends to reign when we don’t give our mental and physical spaces the attention they needs.

Part of that is keeping the kitchen table clear too. It’s the first thing yous ee when you come in the door and if you’re immediately greeted with a messy tabletop it’s a surefire way to instantly feel out of sorts. Another daily goal is to wash the dishes at the end of the day so it’s not the first thing to deal with in the morning (breakfast dishes pile on top of last night’s snack dishes and tea pot, etc.). The kids get involved too. The children take 5 minutes to clear off the floor in their room and/or the living room. That’s when music comes in handy. Dance or rock music that keeps everyone smiling and happy and very specific instructions (Dashiell, please pick up all the books and put them on the shelves properly, Huxley you can pick up the legos and put them away) otherwise focus wanes and the time isn’t spent properly.

Small steps to keep up the larger goals of cutting back on clutter, but that’s the way it is. You have to tend your garden if you want it to bloom.

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