Friday, October 21, 2011

food budget update

Here we stand, with one week left and now at $423 of a $400 monthly budget...  I have decided to ramp the monthly budget up to $450.  This way I can buy a can of coffee, butter, cream cheese and freezer bags to store the eleven Apple Danger Pies I froze this weekend.

I had wanted to try and halve our allotted food budget. And looking back, I can't believe we spent $800 a month (that's without eating out).  If we can keep this up (still haven't decided if holidays like Thanksgiving count, or if I should count half the cost...) we could save in a way I never, ever considered.

And, yes, we still have plenty of food.  We wouldn't starve.  We would do fine with the food-stuffs in our kitchen, but the mornings without coffee, or rather with ONLY decaf coffee would mean our mornings could take us adults into a difficult direction for the remainder of our day.  Also, our apple supply has dwindled down and, with apple season in full swing and a half bushel of apples at an obscenely decent price, it means the lads and I can pick our own later in the week.

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