Saturday, October 15, 2011

the week ahead : in food : October 15-21, 2011

Monday : Cheesy noodles with a side of roasted veges and aioli or vege gratin (sliced veges in milk and cheese)
Tuesday : Lentil shepherds pie
Wednesday : Chicken sausages, in a roll, with peppers and onions
Thursday : Cream of tomato soup with grilled cheese triangles
Friday : Burritos and salsa, I'd like to try 101 Cookbook's Golden Potstickers
Saturday : One pot pasta and vege casserole
Sunday : Homecoming meal - something so delicious and fresh and, and, and TBD.

I'm trying to go with foods that I can raid the pantry for the ingredients. Since I'm $35 over budget I want to tread carefully. I'd only need to get a few things to get us through this week of dinners: chicken sausage, a can of diced toms (because I was SO uninspired to can toms this year) and the Homecoming meal. Maybe I'll fry up some fish, hake has been great for this.

A slight challenge this week is hubby is going out of town for most of the week. A conference in NYC (he's going to check out the Wall Street protests too - how exciting!) will mean I'm on my own (OMO) and need slightly easier meals and it will mean some food prep on the weekend for the week ahead.

And I always send him with food to get him through the road trip there and snacks for the first few days, it can't be escaped, it's what I do. So I'll have to make sure I have granola made and apples on hand. Maybe make some muffins or scones for the first couple of mornings or cookies for the ride out.

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