Sunday, October 23, 2011

the week behind : in food : October 17-23, 2011

This weekend I made:
Crackers - I think it's a Beauty That Moves recipe that I riffed on, adding shredded cheddar, dehydrated onion, chili powder and not adding rosemary.
Quiche - Kale and leek

1000 Island Dressing - from Martha Stewart's Good Food cookbook

Pinto bean cakes (Martha Stewart recipe)  II left out the egg and breadcrumbs.  I took out a few scoops and added some breadcrumbs and made it into 3 cakes.  I'll do the same as I go: scooping out the goo, adding breadcrumbs and cooking them up as needed.  Because, honestly, I HATE having to cook these up all at one time and finally finishing up around 9:30pm.

Apple Danger Pies - Angry chicken hand pie recipe, I doubled the pastry and just kept making them until I ran out.  We at three and I froze the rest, uncooked, then cook them per the directions.  They have been renamed 'Danger Pies' because the remaining 7 are on a cookie sheet in my freezer precariously perched, waiting for the aforementioned freezer bags to make them safe from falling on my children.

I ate mine that night, but they weren't done in time before the lads had to go to bed.  So I announced that they could eat them for breakfast the next morning.  Tears were not shed and the pies were gone by the time I woke up the next morning.  The kids had a friend over and I gave them each a steak knife (knife was not dangerously sharp and knife etiquette was enforced) with instructions to cut up the apple into bite sized pieces, snacking was allowed and encouraged.

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