Thursday, January 2, 2014

Goals to establish in 2014

General goals for 2014. Thought out though, seeing where I would like to be, how I would like myself, our home and our family shift to a better place.

1. Community:  Enhance friendships, more meals with others (including last minute invites when our home might not look 'perfectly' clean). Go camping with other families. Start a badminton group. Go to more live (music, theater) events. Get more involved with Biocitizen.

2. Creativity: Take a photography course and practice, practice, practice! Blog posts, especially 'Thankful For' that provide an outlet for my appreciations. More hand sewing and patching. Organizing photos (for once!). More family portraits. Get craft room in order.

3. Food/Nutrition: Trying new recipes (well that's never difficult) and new ingredients! Giving in to the kids' food choice, making more compromises and teaching them some basic cooking techniques. More greens and fruit. Get a small separate freezer for CSA extras.

4. Home: Spring lawn re-do and raised beds. Shelves throughout house. Basement Amazement! (Once and for all, clear out the basement and be rid of mold and mice.) Keep a monthly calendar of things we need to take care of (signing up for summer camps, birthdays, etc.). Put up better laundry lines outside and in the basement (for winter). Use MassSave to determine how our home can be more energy efficient: Signed up, waiting for a call to schedule an appointment. Taxes done by March 1!

5. Family: Put up a phone list so the kids can call family and friends when they want to: DONE! Keep working with Dash on temper flares. Work out the kids' extracurricular activities (try karate, in-home piano?) Work out if a Fulbright is possible in our future. Meet with orthodontist for boys' braces. Keep everyone reading: have a quiet time for all to sit together and read their own books.

6. Me: Keep away from old habits that I want to shift away from and develop new ones. Make and keep appointments: yoga, doctor, dds, chiropractor, physical therapist (find chiro & p.t.). Keep up meditation and reflection studies (read books, blog posts, journal writing). My last full year at my job! Keep being creative and don't lose hope!

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