Friday, November 29, 2013

Homemade deodorant

It had been such a looong time since I last made my homemade deodorant (it really does last a long time), that I couldn't remember which recipe I used. So I tried a recipe that kind of looked familiar, but with pretty awful results: it separated out and only the thick part worked well.

So today I tried the Angry Chicken variety, which I think I've used before. Bonus: it includes cocoa butter and I do so love cocoa butter!

Amy's recipe:
3 T shea butter
2 T cocoa butter
2 T corn starch
3 T baking soda
2 vitamin E caps (punctured, oil added to mix)
Essential oil (I used grapefruit, because I love citrus and with cocoa butter smell, it adds up to chocolate covered orange smell that is yu-hummy!)

I melted the shea butter & cocoa butter together in the little jam jar, took about 1 minute in the microwave, stirred half way through. Kept microwaving it until the butters were all melted together. Added the starch and soda and stirred it, pressed out the lumps with my finger, since the fork wasn't cutting it. Punctured the vitamin e caps and added the vitamin e oil. Lastly, added a few drops of my grapefruit essential oil and a final stir before putting it on the cold windowsill to set.

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