Thursday, November 14, 2013

Winter lotion with cocoa butter (yum)

My lotion stores are running ever so low these days. And with the dry and cold weather, more lotion will desperately be needed very soon.

So last night I dug out my box of potion making bottles and jars and made a batch of Sonoma Garden's Beeswax Lotion. I've used her recipes before for lip balm, the hand lotion and deodorant. She has an e-book too, that I really need to treat myself to for my birthday next week.

Most ingredients I bought from Trader Joes for our regular, everyday use: olive oil, coconut oil, vitamin E capsules. The only item I had to buy from another source were the beeswax pastilles and that I had done last year. They are so much easier to use that a lump of beeswax that needs shredding. (And I skip the essential oils, cause I LOVE the smell of beeswax.)

I was also a bit cheeky this time and added about two-three tablespoons of cocoa butter. I had got it out to make a batch of deodorant and made the mistake of opening the jar... it's smells SO amazing! (I have no remind myself not to eat it.) So I put some in and melted it alongside the other solids in my special dedicated lotions-only Pyrex measuring cup (cause beeswax is a pain to clean out of my regular food measuring cups). It seems to have stiffened up the end result of lotion, so that's absolutely perfect.

I'm all set now until spring: a jar in the bathroom for post-shower body lotion, on our bedside tables for nighttime hand care, and one at work to mix with my foundation (when needed) or just as my paws as I type on and on and on...

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