Sunday, November 10, 2013

So thankful for... (The 'Reaping What You Sow' Edition)

Slow, lazy, wonderful Sunday morning.. A grey November morning, but relatively mild and quiet. Polka music playing on the radio...

1. Making the time to dry the CSA herbs in August: rosemary, thyme, parsley, tarragon. All of it dried, separated and put in their respective jars to be used the whole year through. (The rabbit is, no doubt, thankful for the dried herb stems she had with breakfast this morning.)

2. Asking the kids to plant those cilantro seeds back in September. Now we have a section of garden dedicated to late season cilantro that is so delicious. I love still having the fresh flavor of cilantro in our weekly batch of salsa.

3. Remembering to order the seed garlic! It'll be here this week, just in the nick of time, before the ground freezes over. Last summer we were so disappointed in ourselves for not planting it in fall 2012. You know spring is about to hit when the small line of green soldiers sprouts out of the mulch!

4. A Sunday family breakfast together. It sows the harmony and spontaniety of sharing the love and warmth we all feel. After he was done with his brekky, Dash walked around the table and gave us each a shoulder massage with a smile. You can't plan for that or put it on the agenda. He felt the urge to share his happiness with each of us in turn, even his 9 year old brother. We're definitely doing something right here, folks!

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