Saturday, October 5, 2013

So thankful for

1. Listening to the lads reading Shel Silverstein poetry out loud to one another before school on Friday. So much giggling.
2. Maple walnut ice cream. Oh that first bite was delicious.
3. Making Huxley so happy with the Lego Idea book from the library and delivering a sweet note to Dashiell in the heart pillow.
4. Watching our first 'live' soccer match: Smith College vs. U.S. Coast Guard. We only caught the last 7 minutes, but the 3 goals scored happened while we were there. Followed by a nonchalant picnic.
5. Our trip to the Shelburne Fals Trolley Museum. Always so lovely! And the lads got to pump the pump car with only the volunteer.
6.A very pleasant talk with a neighbor about relationships. Such wise words.
6. Comforting hugs and telling jokes to lighten an otherwise rough night.

A very rich day that could never be bought. Twas pure fun.

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