Sunday, September 22, 2013

So thankful for

  1. Taking the time to give myself a light body brushing before my shower and a yogurt facemask after my shower. Small measures equal big differences.
  2. Going back to 'No Poo'. Years ago, I just wanted to change my habit to the ease of shampoo & conditioner in bottles from Trader Joes. But it's time to go back, my head's been itching like crazy, with dry patches developing.  Blech! You take the easy road and sometimes it leads to more trouble than it's worth. Lesson learned.
  3. Good old fashioned hydrogen peroxide to clean the toilet.
  4. Saturday morning drawing with the lads. Team spicy (the bad team of spicy veges and seeds) and Team tasty (the good team of sweet creatures). Pencil drawings and coloring together with fun ideas sprouting up.
  5. Having several epiphanies this weekend about how I spend my time on the things that give me anxiety, rather making headway on spending time with the things that I am always talking about (but never letting myself 'get to').

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