Wednesday, March 6, 2013

biking, without wiping out

I took off in both directions of the bike path to assess how soon I could bike to work again. I miss the leisurely morning rides, pre-work activity to keep my day feeling even and happy.

I rode towards home and stopped in two places: first where a tree cut the path off and second where the ice hadn't been maintained by anyone. My bike only swerved in the ice one time, when I had to squeeze through a very tight un-iced space as the biker next to me had to quickly dismount or fall. Back the other way again, towards work and past work, towards the swamps until I knew I should turn around again.

But before I left, I paused and saw my first turkey vulture of the season! We'd seen them in Joshua Tree/Palm Springs a few weeks ago, and now they were at our home too. I felt so joyous to see a true sign of early spring right above me, swirling in the updraft, waiting for a scent to waft upwards.

Surely, my morning/afternoon commute is a mere few weeks away!

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