Friday, January 18, 2013

nesting along the trail

Wintertime means fewer flora and fauna to seek out and identify. Even the birds' songs are few and far between.
But the lack of leaves on the branches allows us a view into bird nests that would usually be hidden, 
as they should be, for the raising of their young.

Made of cat tail fluff, leaves, mud, moss. 
Perhaps chipmunks came along, post-birds, to enjoy some berries.

The inside and out, mostly mud on the inside, the intertwining of plastic refuse on the outside gave this home a ghostlike, Miyazaki appearance from below.

So many branches intersecting in one place, was perfect camouflage, the thorns the perfect defense. 
The chicks of this brood must have learned the art of balancing along each strand of bush, before they learned to fly.

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