Monday, August 13, 2012

mission accomplished august 13, 2012

This past week:

  • Canned tomato sauce after 3 years of wanting to try it. 15 pounds of toms = 7 pints of sauce & 2 quarts of tomato stock.  Not sure it's worth the hassle.  When we get our next c.s.a. influx of toms think I'll just wash 'em and freeze 'em whole, then smoosh them into sauce when I need it.  Later.  Not now.
  • Convinced the little lads to part with some of their toys for a tag sale I hope to have this coming weekend.  I'll post of craigslist, sit out there for about 3 hours, then call it done.  Everything else goes to Sal. Army and we divy up the cash.  There may also be a lemonade stand (but i need to find a pitcher first), so we can continue to work on our list of summer project to try out.
  • Cleaned out my closet: putting things away that had accumulated in a pile and getting rid of a lot of 'cute' things that did not look 'cute' when I put it on.
  • Dealt with the violent rains of Saturday that flooded our basement.  Usually we store our basement goods on top of pallets (the flooding has never been higher that the pallets), but due to some photo album hunting last month, bags of stuff ended up directly on the concrete floor and hadn't been returned to their safe zone.
  • Trip to the Shelburne Falls Trolley Museum, Bridge of Flowers, ice cream cones (reminder: always ask for a 'kiddie size' to avoid the melting downfall of a 4 scoop SMALL cone!) followed by a deluge that had me pulling to the side of the road on I-91.
  • Family Day on Sunday, trying to reinstate the good ol' Family Day by purchasing our own MacBook Pro (the tax free weekend couldn't quite make up for the fact that we had to travel to the local mall and spend time in it).  And spending the afternoon at an outdoor pool.  Aaaaah...
  • We ate deliciously since I had the week off, that and bushels of fresh produce made it delicious.  Then there was the plate of half semolina pasta noodles I made with fresh basil & dry roasted almond pesto!!!  That disappeared very, very quickly.
  • Loving the jars of zinnias and sunflowers scattered around the house too.
  • Sneaking in some excitement for autumn.  Not so much the start of school, more for the thrill of layering, eating apples all the time, putting on sweaters and cuddling to stay warm.  And no ticks on family hikes and no need for air conditioning.
  • Finished 'Shadow of the Night'.  Fun summer read.  On to '$100 Startup' and continuing on with 'French Kids Eat Everything' which I really like.

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