Thursday, February 16, 2012

Family tools

Our family and my connection with my children has improved exponentially in the past few months.  I want to say "Why didn't we create this family dynamic before?"  "Why did we waste so much of our and our childrens' precious time living any other way?"  I feel like I've been seeking out regret.


But I believe we are here because of layer upon layer of each of us learning along the way:  Of obstacles to overcome; of time to re-arrange and view with fresh eyes; of realizing that, through working together and careful planning, we can slowly mold the family life we seek out. 


'Where Good Ideas Come From' is a marvelous book I read last year.  It details innovation and ways ideas evolve.  An overlooked aspect of good ideas though, is when they hit a dead end; when the technology isn't there to properly support a marvelous invention.  I feel similarly about our family.  Previously we didn't have the right tools yet to give us what we've now grown to appreciate.

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