Saturday, October 25, 2014

October days

A single squirrel took out power last night for 5000 in Northampton. We rallied together for all the flashlights and candles we could find. Hux went on a reconnaisance mission to find out from our neighbors if their power was out and if their cell phones told them more info (je suis sans cell phone).

Our one plan that evening was to watch the second Harry Potter movie, so we had to start it on the laptop, but with 35% power, I knew we wouldn't get through all 2 1/2 hours of it. Luckily the chocolate chip muffins were mostly out of the oven.  Hux reminded me of the emergeny hand crank radio/flash light Nanny and Grandad got me last Christmas and we cranked it to hear the dj tell us it'd be all right.

This week has been something of a tough one, being solo parent, with work being hideously busy and so many changes there that make it feel like a whole new job, learning new parenting techniques from the therapist, trying to use those tools as quickly as if it were a reflex and slowing things down before they get heated.

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