Friday, October 18, 2013

A day off

It is very rare that I get a full day off from my desk job to be home, by myself, to chose what I do with my day.

My destiny for today has already been shaped by the actions of the last two days: today I have to finish painting the hallway and today I need to finish re-upholstering the dining chairs. My big project for the day is to make a serious dent in the basement, though. The basement, my lion that needs to be tamed. By making some organizational decisions about it (what goes to the Goodwill and what stays) I can make my creative space and share it with the lads. We will give ourselves more space (our home is under 1000 square feet for the 4 of us and our rabbit) to open our minds and make! Make! Make!

But first, a quiet egg & coffee breakfast and putting the chicken carcass on to boil for stock, making the house smell delicious!

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