Wednesday, September 18, 2013

So thankful for

Today is Wednesday and we're in week three of kid soccer and school. It's important to me to remember the more lovely moments of my days, the wonderful little details that make each day extra special.

Misty bike path

1. Watching steam rise off the fields this morning.  Mystical. Magical. I'm sure there's a scientific explanation for it. Or it's just the fairies and gnomes taking a sauna this morning.
2. Oatmeal for everyone! Starting a morning with a chill, with a bowl of coconuted, blueberried, walnuted, mapled oatmeal.
3. Pilates class #2. The first one felt like a joke. This isn't a workout! I can't feel this! We barely moved! Foolish mortal, the next day your core felt used. Two days later your core wants to go on strike. On the other hand, you woke up without the stiff joints and hunched shoulders. This pilates thing is really working out well for me. And the classes are free at work, so: Bonus!
4. The joyous fun at our pizza dinner out last night. The boys chose to sit together on one side, so my love and I got to sit together too! We were given a table quickly and all of the food was consumed with smiles and laughter and sharing.  Everyone got their fare share of calamari, there was no hoarding this time. Although Dashiell did pick up one piece that had a leg attached to another so it looked like pieces from Barrel of Monkeys, but with deep fried seafood instead!
5. Listening to Dashiell's stories from his afternoon of wading in the Dead Branch Brook in Chesterfield to study the health of the river. Using Rapid Biotic Assessment, he and some friends scrubbed river rocks, gathered insects and learned how a river can be deemed healthy or unhealthy. Tea quickly followed to warm up afterwards. Both lads will take part next week in the Manhan River.

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