Saturday, September 14, 2013

So thankful for

1.  A bike ride (on my new bike, Snow) and brunch with only one lad. Drawing together, the time flew by.
2. The smell of roasting cherry tomatoes in the house.
3. Laundry is finally done.
4. A lovely husband bringing me my coffee just as I woke up.
5. Getting to read my book again last night, even if it was only two pages. Vegan Before 6 by Mark Bittmann.

A very smooth transition to the weekend and I can't help but think ahead to the time when I'm not working my fulltime job anymore. When time is mine to decide how to spend it. When the we'll have more of these smooth transitions, with some jagged times of course. More reading, more bike rides, more writing, more peacefulness and calm.

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