Friday, August 9, 2013

More bike options

More bikes to add to the possibilities, the search never ends:

Civia Twin City Review $850  A mixtes to consider. How do you even say 'Mexte'? Follow up: pronounced 'meexte'.  Review is from May 2012, so prices (in USD) have gone up. (Cause that's what prices do, even though our salaries don't really do a helluva lot from one year to the next. It's from the banking crisis. Really.)
Civia Twin City
Civia Twin Mixte

Linus Dutchi 8 $850
Dutchi 8
Linus Dutchi 8

Finally, been collecting those urls onto my biking page on Pinterest.

Civia Twin City Review
Civia Twin City Review
Civia Twin City Review

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