Sunday, June 2, 2013

You gotta stay positive

Now class, let's remember that we make our own choices. We must stay confident in the choices we make and, if we feel less than pleased with how things are turning out, why then shift it just a skosh.

Did that help at all? Make sure you can see something positive in what you're choosing to do right now. Don't go sacrificing a perfectly good Sunday afternoon to grumpiness! That would be an egregious party foul.

Ideas to change the mood:
  1. enjoy some pre-made homemade iced tea.
  2. listen to music that makes you want to sing along.
  3. tell your kid a knock knock joke that makes them laugh out loud.
  4. snack on some popcorn and share a handful with the hens.
  5. open up that book you've been meaning to give a chance (before it's due back to the library).
  6. forgive last night's awful movie. (Did you hear that 'This is 40'? What was all the hype about you just kind of rambled on about the difficulties of wealthy and deceptive southern Californians. But I digress, and forgive.)
  7. read out loud to the children.
  8. put some fresh flowers (currently our lovely pink tea roses) in the kitchen.

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