Thursday, January 10, 2013

100+ things to try and do in 2013

With 365 days in a year surely a girl can steer herself in her own direction. A list, big and small of what I'd like to try and do in 2013. Let it commence.
  1. Freeze extra food. 
  2. Use the food you froze.
  3. Remember that after the kids are in bed, you don't JUST have to sit in front of the tv.
  4. Learn a new card game and teach the family.
  5. Construct a raised bed that can be covered in cold weather.
  6. Grow some crazy assed greens in the raised beds. (And if nobody likes them, just give it to the chickens.)
  7. Wear more hats, not just in winter.
  8. Knit an entire scarf or cowl.
  9. Remember people's birthdays.
  10. Keep up the nearly daily meditation.
  11. Put more photos on blog.
  12. Get a new sewing machine.
  13. Learn about the new sewing machine.
  14. Break apart and try to repair the Singer ZigZagger you got off of freecycle last year. 3 years ago.
  15. Sew more with the kids.
  16. Plan out and execute the back garden thoughtfully with Michael.
  18. Bike to work at least two times a week, when the season begins.
  19. Make a dress for myself.
  20. Create a more comfortable home: rip up the last of the fetid carpet, re-finish unexpected 100 year old pine floor boards, paint bedrooms, make colorful bits to throw around, macrame some plant holders, keep plants alive.
  21. Get a Christmas letter and/or cards out before January 10.
  22. Make my friends a priority.
  23. Create our ultimate budget so I can be done with paper pushing in 2 more years.
  24. Remember to find those moments in life where I need to put everything else aside and jump into the fun that's in front of me.
  25. Read The Hobbit with the kids.
  26. Figure out Roku vs. Apple tv vs. whatever the hell else is out there so we can watch programs via our laptop on the (early 1990's) tv.
  27. Don't check email more than twice a day on weekends. (Unless there's something REALLY important you're waiting for.)
  28. Call brother more often.
  29. Give Skype a jingle.
  30. Transfer all digital photos to a safe place so I can sleep easily at night.
  31. Figure out if I an afford a marvelous dslr and what my knight in shining digital photography would look like. (Would my old 35 mm Nikon lenses fit a Nikon dslr? Hmmm)
  32. Jump into our Disneyland and Joshua Tree vacation with utter gusto and wear crazy outfits the whole damn time.  (I bought a leopard print skirt already. I'm on my way.)
  33. Hmmm, working on other ideas!

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