Tuesday, January 1, 2013

ideas for 2013

2013, you've got some nerve creeping up on me like that!

Now I have to be thoughtful and decide how I'd like to approach the next 365 days and beyond. How can I add some habits that make me stronger and that won't kill me?

1. Meditate daily. Even for a few minutes. A quiet morning thinking through the day ahead and peacefulness of the moment. Last to bed, alone, remembering the triumphs and defeats of the day.

2. More dancing with everyone, but especially with Dashiell. That kid's got the moves and loves to do anything! Huxley wants to, sometimes, and when he does, he kicks it too.

3. Read more of the same books as Huxley. Last year I read Hugo after he'd finished it. In passing conversation, we remarked on characters and plot. Yeah, my kid's eight and I'm having literary discussions with him. (PS: The Hobbit's on the docket, not because of the movie, but because he loves gnomes, so hobbits should intrigue his interest. And dragons.)

4. More greens. And growing them 'out of season' with a polytunnel starting in spring 2013. Salad greens, spinach, kale, chard, cilantro, and the other 4 types of crazy-ass greens I bought in seed form already.

5. Dammit saurkraut already. If I can poach an egg on the last day of 2012 after complaining about putting it off for months I can get to the making of the saurkraut. Even if it tastes awful, we're giving it a 'go' in 2013. EARLY 2013. Why, I just happen to have 2 cabbages in my fridge now!

6. More time for friends (game nights) and skyping with family across this way-too-huge country.

7. Cross country skiing at every available opportunity in winter. Sledding too.

8. Letting go and giving up on my to do lists when I have too much stuff going on. There is a season to business, there is a season to let it go. It can't possible all get done.  But do remember to meditate. Don't let that go.  That would be foolish.

9. Keep learning how to use this new Mac and put my photos on it so I can add photos to blog about.

10. Waste less food. Keep the kitchen and pantry organized. Store food better. Refresh those leftovers.

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