Thursday, November 22, 2012


This morning I'm giving thanks for the full night's sleep I hope to get tonight. And the pine boards we uncovered.

You see, yesterday my husband and I ripped out the aged, off-color wall-to-wall carpet in our bedroom.  The foam under it and the particleboard beneath that, with warnings of urea and fromaldehyde (which it appears is highly dangerous and hightly un-spellable), is now out of our home, no longer welcome!  Decades of dust and mold lay beneath each layer. 

The mouse skeleton was our most horrendous find.  How did we not sense the decomposing corpse feet away from us as we slept?

Last night's sleep in the living room was non-existent, but no matter!  Six inch pine boards were unveiled yesterday, likely the original flooring in our 1898 Victorian abode.  We'll get to sanding and treating them in the next season.  But for now, I can hear the century old floor breathe again, seeing sun for the first time in decades. Such history right there under our feet. Lovely.

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