Friday, June 15, 2012

questioning perspective & changing reality

Mighty Girl has a post about questioning the assumptions we set for ourselves. 

Now this got me to thinking, these are likely rules we set for ourselves years ago, to make 'things' easier for how we approach life.  But somewhere along the line, those rules turned into truths and we believe them without thought of questioning them.  You know, they just 'are'!

I know what most of my strengths are, but what do I perceive as my weaknesses?  Why are they my weaknesses and does that mean that I'll always be like that?  I mean, I used to hate brussel sprouts, but now I quite like them.  If my physical tastes have changed because of a new perspective (ex. someone cooked them in a tasty fashion and showed me how), why can't other, more esoteric assumptions that I hold be different now than when I was 12 or 27 or 34?

The possibilities of reevaluating my long held truths is quite exciting.  Can I reinvent parts of who I am to give myself new dimensions I never believed were right for me?  Even making small adjustments, or rather, staring small has already given me to perspective on how I handle money, for example.  Deciding to cut the hospice shop out of my weekly routine has saved me money, yes.  But it's taught me to have more respect for money.  That it truly is something that makes us play out our lives the way we want to live.  Money holds power over us, but I can't give in and spend it so freely.  I have to reign it in and sometimes do without.  This idea sounds so obvious, right? 

But it's not just the big expenses over $100 that should be making us think of how to spend the money that we earn with the time we put into our jobs.  Essentially it's the small purchases too.  I need to remember to question: why am I spending this $5.75 or $1?  Is it because it isn't very much money therefore it's a luxury I can afford and deserve?  Do I really need the thrifted pair of sandals, or will I be able to get through life with the other 3 pair that I have at home that, while not perfect for every outfit and mood, will suffice.  Am I trying to fill some societal void with another cute dress?  I have to remember those small purchases do add up over time.  And for every dollar spent, thought should be given.  I can't be lazy about those choices - MY choices.  Because that could mean more time working to earn that dratted money and less time living.

Lots of journal writing lies ahead.  Lots of thoughtful ponderings.  Lots of reminding myself to think through my actions before acting on them.

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