Monday, May 14, 2012

Mummy's day

At the end of the day Huxley shared with me that he wished it could be "Heather and Huxley Day".  Dashiell wanted every Saturday to be Mothers day, every Sunday Fathers day, then 5 days of school.  Repeat.  He also told me when he's grown up he'd like to have a shop called 'Popsicle' because he knows how to make popsicles.  I'm welcome to go if I'm not dead, when I'm a hundred.

I had my hair braided, brushed and coloured this morning.  I was fed strawberry french toast and hamburgers.  I was handed a lovingly drawn card, with Dashiell and I hand-in-hand, a sunset behind us.  An all-family hike to a new-to-us part of the state.  While we never made it to our destination, the adventure the stream provided was epicly memorable.  End of the night footrubs brought it all to a satisfying close.

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