Thursday, May 17, 2012

happiness: future imperfect

I wonder: what makes us truly happy?  Is it where we are now, doing what we're doing?  Is it an expectation we've set for ourselves for a future time?

Sometimes I find I need to slow my head down to really see and appreciate what is in my grasp right now.  Of course there are times when I'm feeling down about where I am currently and look ahead to an afternoon bike ride by myself, a weekend with my family, a summer trip west. 

I also have to keep in mind, though, to keep my expectations for those future perfect times to a minimum.  Imperfections always creep into the equation and I need to remember to slow down at those times and move through them with grace.  Of course, I should also remember to slow down at the 'perfect' times to immerse myself in them and savor them appropriately.  To feel the sun on me, to close my eyes and listen to my children's imagination, to see my sewing project come together into something functional and educational.

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