Monday, January 9, 2012

Knitting project #1

I'm finally starting a very basic knitting project - and it's NOT on Ravelry?!?

Margaret Oomen's Scarfette has started off easily with a semi bulky, bumpy yarn I purchases ages ago.  The strands of colour remind me of smoothed pebbles on an ocean beach in southern England. (Update: Gedifra Gigante 100% woo Made in Italy)

My history with knitting is rather spotty.  I have finished a sweater before, when I first moved here ten years ago.  But, man was it heavy.  And it the style looked awful on me, making my generous shoulders look incredibly manly.  So my husband inherited, after all, he's manly and that's the kind of look that works for him.  But the sweater was heavy for him too.  (Think: hauberk for a knight.)

I'm trying to move on to simpler, easy, beginner patterns now and using yarn I already have.  My plan is to gain some knitting confidence and work up to some of Jane Richmond's simply so-sweet patterns (Cozy Bolero, Rae scarf) or a few other Ravelry gems: Plain and Simple Pullover, a cute cardy etc. when my mum next comes to visit.

My mum is about the world's most amazing knitter (she used to sell her wares at craft shows in and around Seattle) and I'd love to try out one of those more complex patterns with her around to help me fix whatever knitting problems would inevitably arise.

Craft on!

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