Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Holidays and activity in the home

The tree is dismantled and the overwhelming sweet and creamy season is our most recent memory.

My big gift to my family this year was an advent calendar of activities.  There were nights when, after work and school, it was near to impossible to fulfill the goal I'd intended.  That's when putting 2 packets of fruit leather in the envelope became indispensable.  But other nights were spent taking family pictures, dancing around the living room, dipping various foods in chocolate, etc.  The gift of activity and time is something I'll be doing again.

My husband gave me the gift of ceramic classes and studio time.  He'd thought it through, investigated a bit and accidentally ran into the teacher whom he talked to at length.  As he unfolded his gift to me, tears leaked out of my eyes.  He is so in tune with me, he knew I needed to be more active in my creativity.  Through our first few years together I was taking ceramics classes and enjoying it so thoroughly.  It's been over ten years since I threw on a wheel, but one week from yesterday gets me back on again.  Ideas are spinning around in my head like crazy.  So many ideas that I can soon make happen!

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